Supreme Visual Identity

The event series Supreme, which has been hosted by 0711 Entertainment and Seven Oh for the past 12 years, takes place every month at Perkins Park Stuttgart. 2013 i began with the redesign of the visual concept. The prior design had an elaborated illustration of party people celebrating and dancing, which i changed into real people as individuals. The concept was inspired by the bold letters of fashion magazine covers. Guests, Dj’s and employees where photographed for the monthly cover art. Casted in the big Supreme community, the chosen ones were photographed and lavishly transformed into cover- models for flyers, posters and web-graphics.

Client: Adventure Perkins GmbH, 0711 Büro
Photographers: Ingo Haussmann, Joris Haas, Ondro Ovesny, John León, Saeed Kakavand

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